Aug/Sept 2013 (print)


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The Education Issue – Artists often wonder what formal education and training in the arts will do for them. Is it worth the financial investment? Do you need a master’s degree, or even the new artist doctorate? Will you be able to teach others and earn some extra income in your career? These questions, and many others, are addressed in this issue. This issue is also available as a digital download.

On the cover:
Cherry Blossoms, 1988, by Robert Patrick Coombs. Watercolor, 13″ by 19″.
Copyright© 1988 Robert Patrick Coombs. Used by permission of the artist.
Read more about the cover artist in the Artist Spotlight on Page 10.

12 Online Education
By E. Brady Robinson

18 Portrait a Day
By Terry Sullivan

24 You, on Paper
By Gigi Rosenberg

36 Impact of Teaching
By Renée Phillips

44 Group Critiques
By Stephen Knudsen

54 Selecting Art Festivals
By Paul Grecian

60 Teaching to Teach
By Daniel Grant

64 Student-directed Exhibitions
By E. Brady Robinson

70 Destination: Art Workshops
By Elena Parashko

4 Editor’s Letter

5 Headlines & Details

10 ArtistS potlight: Robert Patrick Coombs
By Jenny Andreasson

75 Art Resources

76 Calls to Artists

41 Planning Your Art Business
By Robert Reed

53 Coaching the Artist
By Eric Maisel

59 Best Business Practice
By Jodi Walsh

63 Heart to Heart
By Jack White

68 Photo Guy
By Steve Meltzer

This issue is also available as a digital download.

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