Your Artist’s Photograph – An Important Marketing Tool

artist’s photograph
Barbara Rachko ( in her studio. This is an example of a great artist's photograph.

You spend money, time and effort designing your art website, place a bold image of your art on your home page and prepare an outstanding display of gallery images, artist’s biography and artist’s statement. Well done! Now, there is something equally important to consider: Your artist’s photograph.

What does your artist’s picture say about you on your art website or social media profile page? Does your personality shine through? Are you smiling and standing proudly with your artwork? Do you look friendly and approachable?

Did you forget to add a photograph of yourself on your art website? Or, do you need to replace the one you have? You’ll find some tips to help you create a great artist’s photograph below. This article contains excerpts from “What Does Your Artist’s Picture Say About You On Your Art Website?”

Steps to Create A Great Artist’s Photograph

  • Plan it properly. Spend time composing the picture.
  • Pay attention to the lighting and color correction.
  • Make necessary fixes in Photoshop or another photo imaging software program.
  • Avoid background distractions. For instance, you don’t want a plant behind you that looks like it’s growing out of your head.
  • If you’re in your studio, clear out any debris or clutter.
  • Tell a story with your picture.
  • If you’re a photographer, use an “action” shot of you out in the field.
  • If you’re a plein air artist, show yourself outdoors at your easel or drawing on your sketchpad.
  • At your next solo exhibition, have a professional photographer capture you in front of a wall with your art work.
  • If you won an important award, use a picture of you accepting it from the sponsor.
  • Add a caption to your photograph to add more interest and complete “the story.”
  • Take the advice your mother gave you before you have your photograph taken: Comb your hair, wear clean clothes, relax, and smile!

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