Improve Your Attention to Details to Enhance Art Career Success

Lis Zadravec, (, Little Wing, colored pencil on paper, 20” x 16”.

You may be the most talented artist on the planet; however, if you fail to pay attention to the many important details you face as an art professional, your art career could suffer from painful and irreversible consequences. The good news is, it’s never too late to improve your skills in this area.

Examples of when not paying attention to details can be harmful:

1. Overlooking the specific instructions on a juried competition entry form or grant application can result in immediate rejection.

2. Forgetting to provide important and easy to find information on your website such as titles, mediums and dimensions or your contact information can lead a prospective buyer to lose interest and go elsewhere.

3. Submitting a proposal for a commissioned art project without double-checking the facts and figures for accuracy could cause serious financial hardship.

4. Forgetting a deadline for delivering art work to a gallery or arriving late for an important meeting may permanently sever the relationship.

5. Sending correspondence to an influential art professional or important collector that contains misspelled words and improper grammar could cause them to delay or deny your request.

Steps you can take to improve your skills:

1. Keep detailed records of all business matters.

2. Use organizational tools designed to improve task management.

3. Focus yourself mentally on one detailed task at a time. Avoid multi-tasking.

4. Don’t be in a rush. Set aside ample time for the job at hand.

5. Limit distractions. Put your phone on silent until you finish an important project.

6. Get sufficient sleep and adequate nutrition to optimize brain function.

7. Ask a detailed person to help you and learn from observing their methods.

As a professional artist, every step you take is the result of a conscious decision to either pay attention to details or not. You can choose to advance your skills in this area and you’ll enhance your art career success.

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