October 2012 (digital)


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Our October issue will encourage you to push yourself further and risk failure, instead of never trying.

Ventriloquist By Adam Vinson
Oil on panel, 18″ x 14″ (see page 18).

04 Getting Into the Zone
By Elena Parashko

08 Start Now
By Matthew Daub

12 Inside the Artist’s Studio: Part 2
By Brenda Hope Zappitell

18 Path of the Apprentice: The Art of Adam Vinson
By Kim Hall

22 A Modern Slant on the Old Master Techniques of Piero della Francesca
By Brigid Marlin

26 The Benefits of an Art Critique Group
By Diana Moses Botkin

28 Artists Share Their Vision, Passion and Purpose
By Renée Phillips, The Artrepreneur Coach

32 Planning Your Art Business: Part 9: Reviewing Your Business
By Robert Reed

6 Coaching the Artist Within: When Your Next Work Isn’t Quite Available
By Eric Maisel, Ph.D.

16 Much Ado About Images
By Steve Meltzer

33 Heart to Heart: Smile!
By Jack White

02 From the Editor
By Kim Hall

34 The Listings: Compiled by the Professional Artist Team
Your best source for art opportunities. Find awards, galleries reviewing portfolios, grants, fellowships, juried shows, festivals, residencies, conferences and professional development courses.

40 Artist Spotlight: Sherrie Parenteau
By Kim Hall