Dec 2014/Jan 2015 (digital)


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Included in this issue:
• Strategic Planning
• Artist Statement Rehab
• Art Licensing
• How to Hire a Coach
• Art Show Checklist
• And More!

DEC 2014+JAN 2015 VOLUME 28 // NUMBER 6

It’s Not the First Time, 2013, by Irena Desovska Belcovski. Acrylic on canvas, 36” x 24”.
Copyright © 2013 Irena Desovska Belcovski. Used by permission of the artist.
Read more about Belcovski on Page 10.

12 Strength in Networks
By Paul Grecian

18 Think Before You Leap
By Alyson B. Stanfield

24 How to Hire an Artist Coach
By Gigi Rosenberg

34 Tap into Your Creative Spirit
By Elena Parashko

38 Art Licensing 101
By Tara Reed

46 Great Expectations?
By Daniel Grant

52 Revamp Your Artist Statement
By Vicki Krohn Amorose

60 Ace Your Next Art Show
By Karen Atkinson

68 Write a Strategic Plan
By Eleanor Callott Whitney

4 Editor’s Letter
By Gigi Rosenberg

5 Headlines & Details
By Gigi Rosenberg

10 Artist Spotlight: Irena Desovska Belcovski
By Jenny Andreasson

74 Art Resources
75 Calls to Artists

23 Coaching the Artist: Balance Dreams with Reality
By Eric Maisel

32 Photo Guy: Choose Photos for Marketing
By Steve Meltzer

45 Heart to Heart: Old-fashioned
By Jack White

59 Planning Your Art Business: SMART Goals
By Robert Reed

80 Artrepreneur Coach: Revitalize Your Dreams
By Renée Phillips

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