Shirupa Gupta

Shirupa Gupta
"Reh im Wald/Deer in Forest," by Shirupa Gupta. Acrylic on Canvas, 12" x 12".

At the core of Shirupa Gupta’s work is her strong desire to capture a personal response to a world seen through her eyes and never to portray the subject exactly. Imagination is a vital component without which she thinks a painting cannot live. Imagination begins with the first urge to paint a subject and lasts until the last brushstroke is laid.

To be able to translate her feeling for a subject, she uses both soft and vibrant colors, strong contrasts and lively brushstrokes. She is specially drawn to play of sunlight and shadow on objects and how it transforms an object – the mundane to magnificent, the old to new.

Her purpose is to share the joy that she feels with those who view and collect her work.

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