Endre Penovac

Endre Penovac

Endre Penovac puts upon the paper the fewest possible lines and tones, just enough to depict the image form and texture. Every brush-touch is fully-charged with meaning.

Penovac is sublimely able to use ink to create a balance between brightness and darkness, density and transparency to display a great impression of his animals’ characters.

The newest pieces of his paintings demonstrate his individual attitude and techniques pushing the boundaries, approaching the eastern ink masters, whose vision is not far from his own.

Simplification is very important in Penovac’s art. He continues this process until he reaches a simple sign which is almost completely bare whatever the subject is.

Born in Tornjos, Serbia, Penovac completed his education at the Academy of Fine Arts, in Novi Sad. His works are represented in a variety of private collections all over the globe. There is increasing international demand for the watercolor workshops he conducts.

Lean more about Endre Penovac and see more of his work on Facebook facebook.com/penovacendre or on his website: penovacendre.com.