Never Stop Learning


What’s the one single trait that all great artists share?


Great artists take the time to learn their art history. They know that contemporary art does not live in a bubble and they honor the legacy of those who went before.

Never, ever stop learning.

Know your art history. Learn about the issues facing your medium today. Understand your subject matter inside and out. Books, podcasts, museums, blogs; ideas are all around you.

Follow them and see where they take you.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but nothing will kill an artist faster than ignorance.

Actively involved in the contemporary art world throughout her career, Crista Cloutier is the founder of The Working Artist, an online business program for artists. Honored as an “Influencer in the Contemporary Art World” by LinkedIn, Crista’s work has reached artists in over 45 different countries. Visit to join Crista’s mailing list.