Marta Spendowska

Marta Spendowska

Marta Spendowska is a Polish-born (NH Seacoast-based) American artist and illustrator. Since her arrival in the United States in 2005, she has worked with a wide range of art collectors, consultants, interior designers, fashion and beauty brands.

Her client roster includes Oprah Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Oreo and many more.

Articles, interviews and podcasts featuring Marta and her work have been published in many books, magazines and online publications.

Marta has a background in Graphic Communications and holds Master’s Degree in Marketing and Journalism. She currently resides happily close to Portsmouth, NH soaking up every drop of the ocean whenever it’s possible. Once a year Marta travels to Europe (Poland is a must) and gathers all the necessary emotional juice for creating new work.

Marta is a member of: New Hampshire Art Association (NHAA), New England Watercolor Association (NEWS), Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA), National Watercolor Association (NWS), American Watercolor Association (AWS).

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