Kate Tova


Kate Tova was born and raised in the small industrial town of Balakovo, Russia. Looking at the gray skyline punctuated by smoke stacks and surviving seven months of winter, she managed to create art that would bring joy and beauty to an otherwise muted and unfriendly landscape. Kate’s art was escapism. With no formal art instruction, Kate self-studied artistic techniques at an early age and began painting watercolors of animals at age six.  She sold her first painting at age 12.

“My work is based on the simple, beautiful things that surround me and occupy my mind.  My work incorporates feelings of love, happiness and calmness through the combination of vivid and pastel colors, loose brushstrokes and organic forms. I’m drawn to visually pleasing images featuring smooth lines, biomorphic elements and natural lighting.”

Learn more about Tova on her website: katetova.com.