"Little Wing" (2016). 20" x 19", colored pencil on paper

"Honi Soit" (2017) 17.5" x 13", colored pencil on card

"The Dangling Conversation" (2016). 25" x 15", colored pencil on paper

Lisa Zadravec

Artwork by Lis Zadravec has won dozens of awards and appeared in print almost as many times. She is a major contributing artist in the new book, Draw Portraits in Colored Pencil. The portraits she creates have a strong narrative aesthetic that is reminiscent of the masterful illustrations of books we poured over as children. Lis is actually using the Maroger oil painting technique she was trained in, while rendering the work in colored pencils, she creates her surfaces, pouring over them in an involved & lengthy process that has been compared to the meditative work of iconographers.

From Washington DC, Lis studied at the Corcoran and with artists of the DC Color School. Respected for her teaching as well as her artwork, Ms. Zadravec co-founded a School of the Arts, and has taught children of all ages from Virginia to New York. While making her art, Lis has raised two children and built a teaching business. She has ambitions in both her artwork and writing projects. She says, “A well-trained artist is a person who can do anything.”

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