Imagination, Innovation 9x40', 2016 San Diego, CA

Icons, 11x55', 2015 San Diego, CA

Daniel Boone Elementary 12x103' , 2017 San Diego, CA

Matthew Cavanagh

Matthew Cavanagh is a muralist living in San Diego. While attending the art institute, he worked as the assistant publishing director for Colosseum Fine Art Gallery in La Jolla, CA, and created Arsic Project, which was a group of artists that would put on art shows, and do live paintings throughout the San Diego area from 2008-2013. Shortly after that, Cavanagh started Murals And Fine Artwork or “MAFA” to work as a muralist full time.

Cavanagh has completed dozens of murals and is confident working with all types of surfaces and environments. “I am also passionate about creating fine art, using the leftover supplies from a recent mural project. Leading me to starting an online art gallery where I sell original fine art as well as high quality canvas prints and apparel.”

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