Jeannette Sirois

"It's Written on Your Face 1," Jeannette Sirois. Colored pencil, 60 x 48

Jeannette Sirois’ work includes large scale portrait art to discuss her relationship to the world and the balance between thought, illusion, truth, and interpretation. Large format portraits force Sirois to look at the subject on two planes: one that deals with the meaningful interpretation of the ‘who’ in this moment, and the other made up of the abstract planes, lines, forms, and colors created by the journey of the ‘when’ through past and future. Discussions of pain and suffering, experienced through rejection, hate, racism, homophobia, and intolerance attempt to coexist within the measured doses of placement and composition. These basic components hide a much more intense and deep relationship between the sitter and artist. Sirois’ own fallacies based on faulty reasoning; misleading or unsound arguments have become themes that continue to be questioned and explored through the works where the balance between art and mind often become lost. Sirois’ work has been used in public installations, gallery exhibitions, and is in museums and private collections.

You can see more of her art on her website: