"Ramah - Austin Zoo," Carrie Cook.

"The Cost of Palm Oil," Carrie Cook.

"Juliette - Austin Zoo," Carrie Cook.

Carrie Cook

Carrie Cook is an oil painter, animal activist, and Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists. She was also a graphic designer in New York City, a student of Disney artists in Los Angeles, and a middle school art teacher in Colorado. However, being the former head of graphic design at the Dallas Zoo and Children’s Aquarium led Cook down her artistic path.

Cook won numerous awards, including a Society of Animal Artists Medal of Excellence. Her work has been exhibited at the San Diego Museum of Natural History, The Houston Museum of Nature and Science, The Wildlife Experience in Colorado, Grouse Mountain Resort and Wildlife Refuge in Vancouver, the Hiram Blauvelt Wildlife Museum in New Jersey, Arizona’s Sonoran Desert Museum, Miami’s Art Basel, and the Nature in Art Museum in England among other venues. A portion of profits from paintings is donated to charities that fight for animal rights or fight the good fight to keep wildlife wild.

You can see more of her work on her website: carriecook.com

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