Anton Franz Hoeger

In lovely Blueness Oil on Panel 150cm x 150cm (2016)

Anton Franz Hoeger is a German painter born 1956 in Munich. He is a member of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, founded by five writers and painters, including Ernst Fuchs.

Although he graduated in the late 70s of the last century, he fully dedicated himself to painting only in 2000. “Vienna School,” Höger’s artistic origin, is characterized by unreal, dreamy motifs in opulent Mannerist style, elaborate techniques of the old Italian and Dutch masters.

Despite the admiration towards the artistic finesse of the old masters and eccentric and dynamic Baroque painting that can be seen as a natural basis of Hoeger’s art – or Malgeschichte – his paintings contain the essence of the philosophical, and go beyond the ‘pure techniques’ of his painting style.

He is a realist through and through, apolitical and not moralizing. This realism, which is less prone to portray reality than to establish a reality, rejects any emphasis and any dramatic sensation or satirical intent in a work of art. They are authentic creations, delimited from the abstract and from what one might call contemptuously illustrative. He tries to reproduce the found or invented motif in such a way that, as an artist, he gives the viewer the feeling of encountering a new reality that has more weight than a mere image.

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