Rachel Beltz


Rachel Beltz uses her miniature watercolor paintings to push her audience out of the daily norm; making them remember the “smaller,” beautiful details of life.

Using this medium, she aims to create realistic miniatures all smaller than a dollar bill.  Imagine a beautiful lighthouse landscape small enough to fit under a single key on your keyboard… maybe your favorite singer, small enough to hide under a credit card… or even a ferocious tiger that could fit under a postage stamp? She has painted them all, plus about a hundred more and counting.  Rachel constantly pushes the boundaries of this fluid medium; squeezing in all of the details she can.  The fast-paced society that she grew up in has caused her to want to make a difference; hopefully her art will help you slow down and remember to find beauty in the “little things.”

Learn more about Rachel Beltz from her website: littlequillstudios.com