Will Hübscher

Hands of the Master 15, 2016, 8x11, monotype/watercolor

Will Hübscher creates monotypes based of off vintage photographs, as well as from his own photography. This particular series of monotypes, titled “Hands of the Master,” (which are currently on exhibition at Hübscher’s solo show “You Are Beautiful” at Penn State University) are inspired by, and pay homage to his mentor who passed away several years ago. The last few months of his mentor’s life were spent molding self-portrait hands out of clay. After his death Hübscher photographed the series and created these hand-pulled monotypes from photographs in his mentor’s memory. Even though the source material of each print is the same, every piece of art is individually created and overlaid with his mentor’s actual watercolor paints that Hübscher was given when starting the process. In 2016, Juxtapoz magazine’s website PRZM, awarded Hübscher’s series 2nd place out of 1,800 artists portfolios.