Tina Marie Albano

"Girl, Interrupted," Tina Marie Albano.

Tina Marie Albano is a multi-faceted, self-taught artist. Throughout her life she has immersed herself in the creative process of art in many forms: illustration, photography, music, writing and painting. Tina shows intense appreciation for details as well as pigment, as you will see her obsession with color illuminates through most of her artwork. She describes her art as being full of life, meaning her work is vibrant, lively, spirited, animated, and enthusiastic. She has trained herself in many mediums and styles, but has chosen acrylics as her current method of exploration. Through years of practice, she has crystallized her thoughts into a simple, direct, and highly effective painting method. She currently lives and works in New Jersey.

See more of her art on her website: fulloflifeartistry.com