Karen Ahuja

"Sydney's Sunflowers," Karen Ahuja. Acrylic, 8 x 10

Karen Ahuja is a visual artist working primarily in acrylics and mixed media. She started painting in 2011 when her family relocated to Fayetteville Arkansas. As she began to explore painting, she used her understanding of color and composition to build a portfolio of abstract impressionistic works. Understanding the importance of incorporating Pantone color trends, her work is easily incorporated in interior design. Many of Karen’s pieces have been sold nationally and internationally. Her bright bold use of color, strong compositions and loose brush strokes are part of her signature style. Karen is a resident artist at the Fayetteville Underground. She is on the board of The Artists of Northwest Arkansas and has held the positions of Regional Show chair, Social Media, and Publicity chair. She has been published in the Arkansas Democratic Gazette, National Endowment website, Professional Artist Magazine, East Fayetteville Magazine, Fayetteville Visitor Guide, Blick Catalogs and Jerry’s Artarama catalogs. She is a founding member of Launch Leverage Lift Up Women working on projects that highlight the need to raise awareness to the contributions of women in the visual arts.

See more of her art on her website: karenahuja.com