Woodstork, by Terry Mellway, colored pencil on paper.

Cock a Doodle Dandy, by Terry Mellway. Colored pencil on paper

White Lilies Trio, by Terry Mellway. Colored pencil on paper.

Terry Mellway

Terry Mellway’s work in the increasingly popular medium of coloured pencil has been published in several magazines including Colored Pencil magazine and CP Treasures Volume IV, as well as having won awards in several international competitions. Terry is a member of the Coloured Pencil Society of America, the Manitoba Society of Artists, the Manitoba Arts Network, the Gimli Art Club and the Interlake WAVE. She lives in Sandy Hook, MB where she works at her art full-time, and, with her husband, is currently in the process of completing her dedicated space, Pencil & Brush Studio.

“Art has always been a part of my life. The connection I feel to everything around me, in the shapes, the colors and the details comes from deep within and my aim is to enable my viewers to see that connection through my artwork and hopefully allow them to appreciate the beauty all around us. Today colored pencils are an extension of my passion for art. When a piece turns out well for me I feel it, so each painting is part of my joy.”

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