Temptation by Ruth Tyszka. Mosaic of smalti and glass tile on sculpted substrate.

"Panacea" by Ruth Tyszka. Unglazed porcelain tile and artificial pill capsules on sculpted substrate. Photo by PD Rearick.

"Cake Study: 5 Tier" by Ruth Tyszka. Mosaic of smalti, Blenko glass cullet, stained glass and unglazed porcelain on sculpted substrate. Photo by PD Rearick.

Ruth Tyszka

Ruth Tyszka’s background in the law informs her artwork, which focuses on issues of society and community through imagery and color that is an antidote to struggle, need and darkness. Symbols such as cake permit focus on the present moment and imply sharing. Other works use similar imagery to highlight struggle, temptation or the chaos in the world. Tyszka’s primary medium is sculptural mixed-media mosaic. She gravitates toward materials that offer the strength and permanence that were integral characteristics of ancient mosaics, such as glass, stone, ceramic, concrete and recently, plastic and metal.

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