Between the World and the Earth, 2012, by Shirley Wagner, Recycled Wood, Mappa Burl, Birch, Acrylic Paint, 24x14x2.5in

The Past in the Present, 2012, by Shirley Wagner, Recycled Wood, Plywood, Mappa Burl,Flaky Oak, Acrylic Paint 28x18x2.5in

Sedimentation, 2012, by Shirley Wagner, Alder, Redwood, Mappa Burl, Birch Bark, Acrylic Paint, 28x18x1in

Shirley Wagner

Shirley Wagner is in constant search of form, scale, texture and mass from the natural environment. Her wood assemblage is initiated by sorting through stacks of wood. The process takes dramatic shifts between building and dismantling the work to reveal a modern composition that references the essence of time, chronology and man’s imprint on his environments. Her website is

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