Rick Allen

Copyright © Rick Allen. Used by permission of the artist.

Sibling Rivalry Artisans is a small family business with a brother and sister collaborating to create beautiful and unique art jewelry. Rick Allen and Laura Conway design and create all the jewelry. Their styles have many similarities, yet each have their our own unique look. Some of their pieces gets close to what is considered “traditional” jewelry, but they mostly “color outside the lines” and create unique, expressive, art jewelry. They have some lines where the pieces all have a similar look, but by far their favorite style is one of a kind, fun art jewelry pieces. They love it when a person hears a piece speak to them. There is a joy and a comfort felt when that happens, both for Allen and Conway, as well as the person who takes it home.
Allen and Conway use sterling and fine silver, copper, bronze, brass and stones to fabricate our art jewelry pieces. They handcraft the art pieces using traditional jewelry making techniques such as hammering, soldering, sawing, piercing, fusing, etching and enameling. They do not limit themselves to one style of jewelry, so that frees them to create anything we can imagine. They design all of our art jewelry pieces. Their inspiration comes from shapes and designs found in nature as well as industrial details both large and small. They use those elements to build on what we see in our minds eye. They are truly blessed to be able to fulfill our mental visions into physical objects that bring a spark of joy to someone.