Pastels to Explore the Darkness


Pastels are often referred to as colors and tones that have a milky, washed out or desaturated quality. But if you’re an artist who works in soft pastel, you know that this medium can yield tones and colors that are vibrant, rich, bold and now, deep and dark.

Rembrandt has just added 15 exclusive Rembrandt Soft Pastel dark shades.

According to the company, here’s how the new dark tones fit in with the rest of the color line: Each color has a particular number.

For example, Raw Umber is 408. The pure pigment always has a .5 after it. So, the pure Raw Umber pastel stick is 408.5.

All lighter “tinted” colors range from .6 to .12. So, the lightest Raw Umber stick would be 408.12. Shades or darker tones prior to the new ones went down to either .4 or .3. But the new dark tones go lower, down to .2. So, for example, the darkest Raw Umber shade is now 408.2.

For more, check out the manufacturer’s website.