The joy of teaching workshops


I teach a three-day workshop called “Building an Abstract Series.” I started doing this about two and a half years ago. I thought it’d be great to share the information I had gained over more than 20 years of painting. Also, there was a real need for abstract workshops — there are not a lot of them.

Since that time, the opportunity to meet some very interesting and inspiring people has been a wonderful experience. I did not realize how gratifying and exhilarating it would be when I embarked on this journey. Past participants send many emails about how workshops have been so valuable to them. There have also been many repeat participants. It is really wonderful to be part of each of these artists’ journeys. Hearing about them getting into shows, galleries and receiving awards for their work is quite exciting!

This week, while in Santa Fe, N.M, I taught a workshop with some amazing people. One of the participants, Linda DeWolf, is doing some fascinating philanthropic work through the Go Philanthropic Foundation. Here is a link to a blog about her work in Asia. At the workshop during lunch one day, we had the awesome opportunity to hear about the Cambodian orphanage that survives off the sale of the children’s artwork. Linda and others sell the work for the orphanage and donate the funds — it is a completely philanthropic operation. Please check out or email Linda at [email protected] if you’d like to get involved. What a wonderful way to give back!

If you would like information about my workshops, take a look at my website, I have one coming up in February at Delray Beach Center for The Arts in Delray Beach, Fla.

Thanks so much to workshop participant Shane Robinson for taking some great images!