Chris Denton

"Isolation," Chris Denton. Photography, 20 x 20

Chris Denton’s favorite crutch has always been his ability to pretend to be whoever he thought was called for in any given situation. In order to keep himself safe from vulnerability, Denton developed a belief that he was incapable of artistic expression. After a cyclone of pain wreaked a path of destroyed relationships through his life, he understood what that toxicity can do. At 35, Denton found himself standing in the wreckage of his life determined to live authentically with art as his path to salvation. As Denton learned to feel and experience he expressed himself in raw authenticity. Piece by piece, Denton learned to trust his feelings and to hear his own heart. He claims there is no way to pretend to be authentic, and that vulnerability is an absolute requirement for authentic living. Denton says that his strength is expressed and measured in his love, authenticity, and vulnerability.


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