"Xió ngmāo Cove," Annalisa Loevenguth. Wood, 24 x 16

"Paper Crane," Annalisa Loevenguth. Wood, 24 x 24

"Mother Nature," Annalisa Loevenguth. Wood, 16.5 x 18.75

Annalisa Loevenguth

Annalisa was raised in the realm of creativity. Her mother and father were both aspiring artists, surrounding her in an artistic environment from a young age. She began drawing when she was only six years old, transferring the images from her imagination on to paper. Around the same time, her grandmother showed her the wondrous world of children’s books. This was the foundation for her love for storybook illustrations. Through her adolescent years, she would write and illustrate her own short stories. She began experimenting with many different mediums: watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, pastel, and oil. Most of her early works were abstract because she loved the freedom and creative expression it allowed for. In addition to her traditional artistic abilities, she has also graduated with a degree in graphic design and illustration. Through designing, she has learned of the many different surfaces of paper, textures, colors, and the art of printing. After college, Annalisa found her true calling in mixed media artwork. She began to look for specific patterns and textures that would fit custom commissions, and used acrylic paint on top of the textures to add dimension and volume to the piece. Now she is an independent artist creating custom pieces for clients around the world.

See more of her art on her website: liveincoloronline.com

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