Carrie Schmitt

Exhalation, 2014, 30x40, Acrylic on Canvas

February/March 2015 Artist Spotlight winner “My paintings reveal themselves through layers of paint in an intuitive process that involves play, experimentation and a belief that everything unfolds as it should. My personal style embraces imperfections and values the presence of a handmade quality that breathes energy and soulfulness into each piece.” Carrie Schmitt’s first childhood memory is standing behind her mother’s leg while apologizing to her neighbor for picking all the flowers from her garden. Today, she has found a more honest way to enjoy flowers — she paints them as part of her mission to create beauty every day. Carrie began painting in 2009 after developing a life-threatening allergy to heat. No longer able to spend time in her beloved garden, she began painting flowers instead of planting them. In 2010, she moved to the Seattle area to enjoy its temperate climate and now paints daily in her mountain studio. Carrie’s artwork is licensed with several companies for stationery, bedding and home decor, including Hallmark and Dia Noche Designs. Her first art book, Painted Blossoms: Creating Expressive Flower Art in Mixed Media, published by North Light Books will be released in 2015.