Show Us Your Studio Winners


Professional Artist, the only business magazine for visual artists, recently went in search of the most inspirational art studios across the country during our inaugural Show Us Your Studio call.

We loved getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our readers’ daily lives. Out of about 250 entries, here are our top picks in the Most Creative, Most Messy and Most Organized categories! They will be published in the April/May 2014 issue of Professional Artist magazine.

Thanks to all who entered!

Update: Studio photos from the top 24 finalists are now posted on our Facebook page.

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Most Creative


Dannine Donaho of Lander, Wyo.

My backyard studio (aka “The Shed”) fits within the size limitations of a residential shed, requiring no building permit, but encouraging clever use of space. Made from logs milled from a tree previously located 10 feet from the front door, the structure has an exposed internal rainbow-colored timber frame, stained with oil paint colors. The Shed was entirely built by my husband, Mike Lowham, a craftsman in the art of building. The intention and love that went into the building can do nothing else but promote a creative and productive space. I LOVE IT.

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Most Organized


Tracy Weinzapfel of Ramona, Calif.

I am known for being organized and crazy with a label maker so when creative artist collides with OCD this is what you get… a completely organized artist studio. I am most happy in this creative space that is all my own. I built it with my dad and finished every detail in it including the family Wall ‘Oh Paint that I designed and organized. I am proud to call this space my own and invite others to share my passion!

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Most Messy


Andrea Theisson of Gettysburg, Penn.

My studio is a hopeless mess — years of constant upheaval, rearranging, moves, flooded house and old studio, then loss of storage, have resulted in a glorious mess: large loom, large paintings, books and files, wood stove, drawing area… somehow it’s all still functional, but people have to laugh, or get a stricken look on their faces when they see it — truly “creative clutter” but it is home and productive! I’d simply rather paint or weave than clean. Donations for a larger space accepted… smile. The 1830 farmhouse could be remodeled, but now all I have is a shed.

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