Show Us Your Studio Winners Announced

Professional Artist recently went in search of the most inspirational art studios across the country during our inaugural Studio Search.

Here are our top picks in the Most Creative, Most Messy and Most Organized categories. Thanks to all who entered!

Erin_Fromkes_0002MOST MESSY: E.B. Fromkes of West Palm Beach, Florida

Studio Fromkes has taken on a life of its own and has morphed to become a living work of art itself. Mirroring my life, the spirit and energies within the space shift as my world unfolds each day. Charged with color and filled with emotion, this ever-changing environment contains a world within itself. Paint and glue encrust the floor, walls and soon to be ceiling, creating visual histories. It’s a busy studio which ebbs and flows, much like that of my creative mind.

Celebrating artistically, I resurface tucked away works by scattering them around to create an art mess. This reminds me where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. It’s a process of reflecting on the past, being present within the space, documenting and dreaming of future visions. When I’m ready, I clean up and start anew!

~ E.B. Fromkes

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Terri Deskins-1MOST ORGANIZED: Terri Deskins of Orange County, California

I have been a neat-nick all my life. When it came time to design my new studio, I spent countless hours figuring out where everything would go and how I would conceal everything in order to give the room a spacious and uncluttered feeling. As the art studio was added onto our existing home, I wanted to make sure it had a similar look and feel and wouldn’t look like a tacky addition. By incorporating the high ceilings, similar roof line and large windows, the new space looks like it was part of the original home and property. I’m one lucky neat-nick!

~ Terri Deskins

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Jason Brammer-2

MOST CREATIVE: Jason Brammer of Chicago

When people enter my studio, the first thing that catches their eye is my studio wall, which I use to practice and experiment with imagery, techniques and color palettes for my paintings, murals and custom projects. I continually add to the wall, layering paint on top of paint, which creates a vibrant color explosion that is constantly evolving. I also paint murals on the exterior facade of my storefront studio, and display my work in the front window to generate interest and contribute to the aesthetic of the Humboldt Park neighborhood. Additionally, I like to open up my space to the community and host open studio parties and other events. Before a career in the visual arts, I played bass professionally for Sony recording artists Old Pike and I now do live performances in my art studio incorporating tribal drum beats, bass loops, and dance. I performed at my last open studio party and also host an event called Yoga Jam, a yoga class led by a professional yoga instructor, where I play live ambient music with hand drums to accompany the class, and students are surrounded by art.

~ Jason Brammer

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This also appeared in the October/November 2016 issue of Professional Artist.

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