Shan Fannin

Shannon “Shan” Fannin was born in Long Beach, California. She earned a college scholarship to pursue an art teaching degree for special needs children education. However, life had other plans. She put becoming an artist on hold for marriage, a career in marketing, owning a business, and raising a family. Using her portfolio for a resume, she taught elementary school art for two years through a private academy.

After a 25 year hiatus from an art career, Shan returned to school to refresh her abilities. She took a handful of courses to reacquaint herself with mediums, and began building her expressionistic style. Her favorite courses were figurative life drawing.

When her husband added a 1961 Ford Thunderbird to their family garage, she began attending car shows with him. She enjoyed meeting other car/motorcycle owners and talking about the history of their vehicles. Mesmerized by the reflections and sleek lines, Shan made the correlation between their bodies and the figurative drawings she had been making.

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