Selling Your Art through Corporate Art Consultants

Seascape Sculpture by Meg Black ( Mixed media (giclee prints, abaca, flax, pigment), 50” x 80”. Lobby project commissioned by L’Attitude Gallery.

Have you ever considered working with corporate art consultants? If your artwork is appropriate for the business environment, this kind of relationship could lead to a lucrative career. This article offers a brief overview and answers a few frequently asked questions with some tips on how to get started.

What is a corporate art consultant?

A corporate art consultant is an art professional with a range of education and expertise in design, art history, art printing and art resources to help their clients — business owners or corporations — to procure anywhere from a single art piece, to a multi-piece installation and/or to develop an entire long-term art program. Their extensive skill set includes understanding blueprints, making art presentations, selling art, collaborating with artists, and overseeing projects and purchased to their final completion.

What are some of the benefits of working with corporate art consultants?

• They have a large client base.

• They have access to the types of clientele that you may not have.

• When they install your art in the corporate space it is on view to a large audience.

• Working on commissions with deadlines helps you increase productivity and time management.

• You may get the opportunity to work with new materials and substrates depending on the project and venue.

• They perform the role of an artist’s agent and sell your art on your behalf.

• Working with one or more corporate art consultants may increase your financial security.

Is your artwork suitable for the corporate environment?

Yes, if it fits one or more of the following criteria:

• It reflects the company’s brand.

• It enhances the corporate image.

• It decorates the space.

• It improves employees’ working environment and productivity.

• It qualifies as a sound financial investment in the minds of the CEO and board of directors.

• It boosts the company’s morale.

• It is well constructed and requires no or minimal maintenance.

Where do you find corporate art consultants and corporate clients?

• For leads search online for “corporate art consultants + city, state”.

• Visit their websites, which will display pictures of their installations and artists’ submission guidelines.

• Ask existing corporate or business clients as well as fellow artists for leads, recommendations and referrals.

• Contact your existing connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

• Find prospects in general and special interest publications, luxury and travel magazines, art and interior design publications, to name a few.

• Reach out to interior designers, real estate agents, project managers and architects for leads.

• Look for signage on new buildings and office spaces under construction.

When you decide you want to work with corporate art consultants or sell directly to corporations, make a commitment to research, reach out, build new contacts, and follow up with leads and referrals on a regular basis. It will be worth your time and effort.

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