Ramona Böhme

Self-Portrait #3 'Hel'

Ramona Böhme (Zittau, Germany 1982), is a self-taught painter who devoted herself to painting in the middle of her life in the year 2014. After finishing a business training (1999-2002), she went to a technical high school to get the Higher School Certificate (2002-2005) to study Computer Science at the Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz (University of Applied Sciences, 2005-2008).

A friend – Hraefn Wulfson an artist by himself – encouraged her to explore and develope her skills. To be brave, and to step outside her comfort zone. Her motives are varying from still-lifes, portraits, and impressions from nature spiced with a connection to her personal perception and perspectives of life. Works by living artists like; Brad Kunkle, Yoann Lossel, Joe Fenton, Roberto Ferri, Oda & Kit King, Alessandra Maria, inspire her visions and imagination. As well as the fascination for pieces of masters of the Romatic and Symbolism like; Luis Ricardo Falero, Jean Delville, Caravaggio, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Dino Valls.

As a single mother, and having a non art-related full-time job, she mostly works until late at night. Oil paints, metal pigment paints, and leaf gold, silver, and copper are the materials she prefers to work with. Ramona, paints with deep passion, and insight, and hopes to inspire others from around the world.