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During the inaugural Professional Artist Month, celebrating our readers, we asked you to submit your artwork for a chance to be published in the magazine. More than 250 of you responded to our call.

After a tough judging process conducted by the editor, assistant editor, publisher and art director, one work stood out from the rest:

Magnolia with Silver and Crystal by Laurin McCracken. Watercolor of Fabriano Soft Press 300# Paper, 20” x 26”.

“We love Laurin’s combination of exquisite sense of composition, making us think of Chardin, and his ability to render the most minute details accurately and with drama,” Professional Artist Editor Terry Sullivan said. “And his handling of the medium — watercolor — is equally stunning. The results are dynamic, moving and breathtaking.”

McCracken described his piece this way: “This is one of series of paintings of Magnolias and other flowers of the Deep South combined with heritage silver and crystal. These paintings are heavily influenced by the Dutch and Flemish Still Life painters of the 16th and 17th century,” he wrote in an email on Friday.

According to Laurin’s website, he “is the chief marketing officer of Jacobs Global Building NA in Ft. Worth, Texas. He has put the skills learned over the years in drawing, photography and observation to use as a watercolorist.”

Laurin’s artwork will be published in the October/November 2013 issue of Professional Artist. Visit for more on McCracken and his work.

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