<em>A Walk Through the Tall Grass</em>, 13”x11.5”, mixed media on paper

<em>Watery Lull</em>, 12.5”x11.5”, mixed media on paper

<em>The Intensity of Love</em>, 12.5x11”, mixed media on paper

Nadine Longmore

“My artwork is grounded in an investigation into perception, vision, intuitive art making and the bonds experienced between loved ones. My work comes from a personal place because art making, for me, has always been about self-understanding. For that comprehension to be holistic and far-reaching, I seek to recognize the sentimental, phenomenal, and physical ties created by being a significant other, sibling, daughter, and friend. My artistic explorations create an opportunity for the viewer to experience my visual inquiries into emotional bonds and my loss of eyesight. Seven years ago, I had a traumatic eye injury, which affected my left eye’s lens and retina. The damage done was permanent, but it has given me a unique way of seeing the world. This new perception of double vision and blurriness is used as a language for art making, allowing my artwork to live in a place both real and unreal. Thus, my artwork endeavors to both share a multitude personal experiences: the irreplaceable and rare bonds of love and friendship, and my inimitable way of seeing the world.”

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