Muse Madness Finalists Posted!


Professional Artist, the only business magazine for visual artists, recently went in search of the most inspirational muses across the country during our inaugural Muse Madness call.

We loved getting a personal tour of the people, places and things that inspire our readers. Out of about 300 entries, here is our top pick: Diana Tremaine. Ms. Tremaine will be published in the August/September 2014 issue of Professional Artist magazine. See her entry below.

The top 30 finalists are now published on our Facebook page!

Thanks to all who entered!

Muse Madness winner: Diana Tremaine (

My muse inspires me because there is no filter between what he is feeling and how and when he manifests his reality. He is present for each and every moment with unflinching honesty. Whether excited, happy, scared, angry or anything in between, he communicates those feelings with his entire being without reserve. For that reason, he is my teacher. He is power, beauty, grace, and truth. He lives in the moment, and when I paint him I get to experience a small bit of the power and freedom that gives him.

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