Mico Di Arpo

Joseph's Angel, 2014, by Mico Di Arpo. Acrylic on canvas, 36"x 48". Copyright © 2014 Mico Di Arpo. Used by permission of the artist.

Mico Di Arpo’s curriculum vitae spans 20 years as a professional artist and includes teaching, exhibiting, lectures, commissions and restorations. She is experienced in mural and fresco painting techniques. When she was 12, Di Arpo’s father brought home a bag of lime and sand from the local hardware store to make lime plaster, from which the artist created her first fresco. At 18, Di Arpo decided to forgo a traditional education to study with a master fresco artist in Montaione, a Tuscan town just outside Florence, Italy. Di Arpo returned to the United States in 1993, and in 1994 she jumped on the opportunity to spend two weeks under the tutorage of Stephen Dimitroff and Lucinda Bloch.

For more information on the artist and her work, visit micodiarpo.com