Mark Hansen

The Last Hussar. 2016, 8"x10" Pencil, ink, watercolor, and coffee on watercolor paper.

Mark Hansen is from Portland, Oregon, and a 2003 graduate of the Pacific Northwest College of Art, located in northwest Portland. Hansen loved creating works of fantasy in his early years and caustic political art in his 30’s, but drawing from life and portraying natural science subjects has been a constant theme throughout his work. Hansen enjoys creating a drawings or paintings that illuminate aspects of an owl, a wild hare, or perhaps a rare or endangered species; sometimes the occasional anthropomorphic character. He also merges typographical elements in his artwork, both as a visual and informative element of the art. Hansen has simplified his artist’s toolkit over the last couple of years and now works almost entirely with pencil, ink, watercolor paints, and other natural water soluble pigments, such as coffee and beer.