Mark Gens

In Mark’s own words:

I am a multi-media artist living and working in New York City. My work includes collage, installation, video, e-literature, and sculpture. I received my BFA from Otis College of Art in Los Angles and my MFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY. I also write critically about art and exhibitions, most recently my essay “A Critical Analysis of Art in the Post-Internet Era” was published in Gnovis Journal from Georgetown University.

My art practice begins with the premise that each of us interprets the world around us based on our own necessities, psychology, fears, and desires. I’m interested in the multiplicity of meanings embedded in images, objects, and spaces. The breadth of interpretation shows how inscribed, intended, or normative narratives are not fixed. It is my actions – appropriating, positioning, making illegible – that imbues the work with agency. And, it’s your actions – interpreting, relating, contextualizing – that writes the narrative.

Most of the source images that I use to make my work are downloaded from the Web. Scans, photographs, and film stills are used as well. I’m constantly searching, appropriating, capturing, and photographing. Source material is placed, erased, manipulated, degraded, layered, and transformed. In the collage, I’m able to assemble quasi-identities, subtle and irreconcilable discrepancies, erotic provocations, and shifting viewpoints.

You can learn more about Mark at his website:

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