Marjan Najafi

Untitled, 2011, 63"x69", Acrylic on Canvas

My paintings are mixed with uncertainties and questions of an inquisitive mind. Why are we born and what is the reason for our attachment to the world and if the end to everything is death, why do we conform to the worldly principles? I have frequently used a Cocoon as one of the main themes. In my opinion, a Cocoon can be a sign of creation, birth, embryonic life, evolution, human captivity, restriction, oppression and suffocation, darkness and death.

I was born in 1976 in Iran and later immigrated to San Jose, CA. My tendency toward art goes back to the first decade of my life, when art started to become the vessel for expressing my feelings and worldviews. It led me to work on still-life paintings and drawing of pots. Drawing pots inspired by my Khayyam-like view of the world and of birth, life and death that grow and developed later in my abstract paintings.

I graduated with an associate degree in painting and started to develop my knowledge of painting through creating and exhibiting.