Lisa Gibson

Out of the Blue, 2016, by Lisa Gibson. Mixed media on paper, 19” x 26”. Copyright © 2016 Lisa Gibson. Used by permission of the artist.

Lisa Gibson studied design by looking at the values and patterns in many locations throughout her life, over half of which has been spent in Montana. She explored her creativity through photography, quilting and pine needle basketry before learning that painting combines all of the elements she loves – color and design with a tactile, hands-on approach. Gibson specializes in acrylic, ink and colored pencil paintings that provide a calm, healing environment. Her home is shared in Lincoln, Montana with her family and spoiled house rabbit.

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  1. […] Wowza, fall is upon us here in Montana! August flew by with Lincoln’s Art in the Park (I was honored with best of show!), hubby’s & my 31st anniversary, a weekend-long MAP (MT Artpreneur Program) workshop, an interview by the esteemed RedDotBlog, and finding my own listing on the Professional Artist website. […]

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