Laura Mustio

Internal, eternally... , 2012, by Laura Mustio. Mixed media on wood. Copyright © Laura Mustio. Used by permission of the artist.

Laura Mustio was the artist chosen for the April/May 2013 Artist Spotlight in Professional Artist magazine. Here’s an excerpt from the piece, written by Jenny Andreasson: Artist Laura Mustio lives in Pittsburgh, but in February, she cared for orphans with AIDS 8,000 miles away in Bangalore, India. In March, she stayed in a tiny village just northeast of Naples, Italy, met her grandmother’s family for the first time and volunteered at an organic seed-saving farm. She’ll care for the elderly in Ireland in August and tackle environmental projects in Iceland in late fall. She’ll paint up a storm during the entire 10 ½ month trip, gleaning inspiration from the palaces of India, the piazzas of Italy, the infinite greens of the Emerald Isle and the glacier lagoons of Iceland, all before boarding a plane back to the states, arriving home just in time for Christmas dinner. Download the rest of the article by visiting Keep up with Laura Mustio throughout her 10 ½ month INITIRIC journey at or on Twitter @initiric. Watch her Kickstarter video at Visit for more on her work.