Count Your Blessings


If only life were easier… if only…

How often do you stress out about what you don’t have?

Oh, if only I had more money, if only I had more art sales, if only I had more time to make art, to market it … If only…

What if instead of cursing what you don’t have, you bless what you do?

Start by getting real about what money you do have, be grateful for what is there and pay attention to where it goes. Don’t run from it. Don’t put your head in the sand.

Treasure what you’ve got, nurture it, and help it to grow. Stop giving your energy to what you don’t have.

The same goes for your art career. Give your attention to those people who do dig your work, and stop obsessing about those who don’t.

If only there was more time… And you bless the time you do have by bringing as much of yourself as possible to all that you do.

You show up, you pay attention, you do good work, make good art, you shine your light, and you count your blessings.

“If only…” starts with you. If only you will believe.

Actively involved in the contemporary art world throughout her career, Crista Cloutier is the founder of The Working Artist, an online business program for artists. Honored as an “Influencer in the Contemporary Art World” by LinkedIn, Crista’s work has reached artists in over 45 different countries. Visit to join Crista’s mailing list.