Bruce Habowski


Bruce in his own words:

About the artist: Like most artists, I have had a fascination with all things creative since a very early age. Over the years I have expressed that creativity through many mediums such as watercolor, pen and ink, and pastel – to name just a few. But, since 1993, I have been working exclusively in oil. I am a self-taught artist who has considered his schooling to be the study of books/images by inspiring artists.

About the work: My body of work explores the quietness of spaces. The overriding theme in this endeavor is the light on the subject and how it creates a mood to accent that contemplative stillness. In my oil paintings I work with many genres ranging from urbanscapes to still life , executing them in a style I would describe as painterly realism. This style allows me to enjoy both the formal aspects of painting and the visual descriptive accuracy of my subject.

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