Benefits of Having An Art Blog

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This article is a revised excerpt from “12 Reasons Why You Need An Art Blog”.

You probably have a wonderful website that showcases your art, resume or CV and artist’s statement. You’ve added a contact and subscription page and your social media links. However, you’re disappointed and puzzled as to why traffic is so low and you have high bounce rates. You want your visitors to stay longer, interact with you and become more interested in owning and exhibiting your artwork.

If you’re looking for a solution, consider creating an art blog on your website. Join the increasing number of artists who are enjoying the many benefits of being an active art blogger. Maintaining an art blog is easier than you think. In fact, there are many website platforms that integrate easy-to-use blogs.

If you don’t have an art blog, you may be missing out on valuable income and career recognition. Here are some of the most popular benefits:

You will increase traffic to your website.

Having an art blog, especially one that exists on your website, is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your gallery and portfolio pages. The reason is consistent updating of content on the art blog with links to your website will activate the search engine spiders that go out and grab information to share with the world. Your blogging efforts will increase traffic flow and improve your SEO (search engine optimization).

Screen shot of Barbara Rachko’s art blog “Barbara Rachko Colored Dust” at
Screen shot of Barbara Rachko’s art blog “Barbara Rachko Colored Dust” at

Your visitors will stay longer and return often.

Your art blog will invite prospective buyers into your creative world where they can learn more about you and your most recent projects. When you share your art in progress, creative ideas, and announce your upcoming events, visitors will have more reasons to stay on your site longer and visit more often. Your art blog will turn passive visitors into loyal followers. Make sure you offer them the option of subscribing to your RSS feed and e-newsletter, then watch your mailing list grow.

You will increase your community.

Your art blog will generate the interest of other art and business professionals. If your posts are written and promoted properly others will want to comment on them. If you mention others in your posts they will share the link. You may be invited to share your art and expertise on other blogs. All of these activities will increase your relationships. As a result of this interaction your community will grow. Many online connections may grow into offline relationships and collaborative ventures.

You will generate sales and additional income.

Your art blog is the perfect platform to promote your art and increase art sales. You can post videos on your art blog to discuss your ideas and demonstrate your techniques. If you teach art, your art blog will help you attract more students to your classes and workshops. You can use your art blog to sell other merchandise such as prints, art books and DVDs.

You will gain traction in social media.

Social media posts are short, incomplete and fleeting. But a blog post gives you more time and space to write and display images. Your followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites will visit your art blog and share your posts with their friends and followers. Your followers will grow and the number of quality inbound links will also increase, which drives more traffic to your website.

You will expand your creative vision

The regular routine of sitting down and planning a blog post requires reflection and organization. The exercise of writing about your artistic progress will strengthen your ability to communicate about your art. This will be of tremendous benefit for you and your artistic growth. As you write about your artistic perspective you will improve your verbal skills when you are asked to talk about your artwork.

There are many more reasons to have an art blog as you’ll find in “12 Reasons Why You Need An Art Blog.

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