“Wild Regrets” Acrylic on Wood Panel 36x24x1.5 2017

“Warrior” Acrylic on Wood Panel 48x36x2 2017

“Undaunted: Royalty Contemplates Manifest Destiny” Acrylic on Wood Panel 48x24x2 2016

Barb Schwarz Karst

Barb Schwarz Karst (www.schwarzkarststudio.com), a Missoula artist, is best known as a contemporary painter whose acrylic series Shifting Winds emphasizes how the West is still intriguing and often romanticized. Through the use of color, technique, and subject matter, she is able to capture the tension between legend and myth. By blending photorealism and abstraction through the use of her unusual blind grid paintings, she captures the intensity and energetic intrigue surrounding the wild frontier.

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