Alessandra Minotti

Revolutioning Rules L.E.3/20. E6 film to C41 development process+ manipulated. Dibond, 50 x 70cm. Copyright © Alessandra Minotti. Used by permission of artist.

Alessandra Minotti was born in Rome and she based now in Spain, near Alicante. She started to be interested in art in her childhood, she worked for a bit of time in the interior design showroom of her parents who used to organize art exhibitions.Then she attended artistic high school and around 19 years old she started to be interested in photography. In 1994 she opened, with the help of her husband, a photo laboratory in Rome, Italy, where she followed each step of development and printing. She executed portraits, fashion and marriage pictures, and still-life. In these last years her personal research includes the artistic side of photography, practiced by graphics, pictorial or digital, and details related to her life, creating artworks and storytelling images. She is also an interior designer and executes artwork in digital art, manipulated photography on precious fine art paper and on alluminium, and also pencils portraits on demand. She exhibited her artworks in various art expositions and has published a catalogue and an ebook called “Vita Morte Vita” with artworks by Alessandra Minotti and poems by Nives Nissi. For more information about the artist and her work visit