Tools Of The Trade

Tools Of The Trade

A showcase of the latest and greatest art products on the market, at your fingertips

Aqua Pro Watercolor Palette by Masterson Art

1 From the manufacturer of the popular Sta-Wet® Palette for acrylic paints, our Aqua Pro Palette has become the favorite with serious watercolor artists. Made from the highest-quality injection molded resins, the palette is stain-resistant and has the features artists want in a watercolor palette: • Sturdy hard case plastic construction• 32 separate wells for pigments• 3 divided mixing areas • Palette cover to keep paints clean and fresh• Inverted lid to provide additional mixing area• Overall size: 15 ½ x 11 ½ x 1½.

Classical Studio Mediums

2 New safer, natural alternative – professional’s choice!• Healthy and pleasant smell• Available in 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz. & 32 oz.• Based on classic Renaissance formulas• Packaged in glass bottles• Contains no petroleum• Handcrafted mediums• Less toxic alternative to turpentineFor more information:

The New Wave TIMBr Pad

3 Enhance your color and value gauging with the New Wave TIMBr Pad; the very first wood toned disposable paper palette. The TIMBr Pad is ideal for artists who prefer working from a wood toned surface, but without the clean up. The palette contains 50 sheets of durable coated paper stock, and are glued on 3 edges, ensuring your pages stay fastened while you mix paint, and guaranteeing that your pages do not blow in the wind if painting outdoors. For use with all paint media, the TIMBr Pad is available in an ergonomic hand held model that is 11”x16”, and two rectangular models, 12”x16” and 9”x12.” Made in the USA. For more information:

Get All Four Professional Artist Pocket Guides

4 Four guides, one goal: Fast-track your career with Professional Artist’s Pocket Guide 4-pack, available in print and digital formats. Includes:

• Web Marketing: Market and sell your art online.
• Self-Publishing: Self-publish your art in print and online.
• Financial Strategy: Gain control over your art business’ financials.
• Psyche: The tools you need to harness your creative mind.

Archival Aluminum Painting and Mounting Panels

5 AlumaComp (similar to Dibond) is widely used for mounting fine art, photographs, linen and canvas to create an incredibly stable painting panel, or to use on its own as a reliable, archival painting support. The brushed aluminum surface takes primer beautifully, providing texture that grips the primer |for a perfect bond.• 100% Archival Rigid and strong• Rigid lightweight structural integrity• Acid-Free – will not warp, bend or decay• Prime and paint in traditional oils & acrylics.For more information:

GOLDEN Just Website – Art Materials Research and Knowledge

6 At Golden Artist Colors, our role in the arts community has been to provide artists with the best tools to meet their needs. This goes beyond making the highest quality paint to include providing the most complete information available on artists’ materials from our laboratory, research, and collaboration with other innovators and material scientists. As artists redefine the concepts of traditional media, we embrace the opportunity to challenge perceived limitations and capabilities of painting and seek to assist artists everywhere in realizing their vision. We’ve been delighted to share the story of Golden Artist Colors, its growth, its legacy and its commitment to social responsibility in the newsletter as well.If you’re interested in receiving Just Paint either in print or through email, please visit to become part of our mailing list.

The Folding Art Horse® model FAH-05 Birch “36” WorkhorseTM

7 Brilliantly designed and comfortable, the patented Folding Art Horse® uniquely folds flat in seconds facilitating space saving, easy storage and remarkable portability. Attracting artists and educators with it’s solid construction and manageable lightweight, this horse meets the demands of studio work while providing a convenience essential for travel.