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Collaborations and Commissions – Do you play nice with others, or are you tough to work with? Artists have a tendency to want to be independent, but the truth is that we can accomplish far more when we work together. Learn how other artists have collaborated with each other and members of their community to bring larger projects to fruition, as well as how to promote and handle commissioned works in a way that both you and the client stay happy.

On The Cover
Climbing to a Falling Sky by Toby Penney. Mixed media with reclaimed fabrics and fiber, 28” by 32”.
Copyright © Toby Penney. Used by permission of the artist.
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12 Fine-art Printing
By Gregory Frux

17 Group Critiques Part II
By Stephen Knudsen

22 Saying Goodbye to Galleries
By Daniel Grant

26 John James Audubon
By Terry Sullivan

33 Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy
By E. Brady Robinson

38 Auction Houses Vs. Galleries
By Ora Sorensen

44 Virtues of Creative Collaboration
By Renée Phillips

50 Alternative Commissions
By Brenda Hope Zappitell

60 Conflicting Intentions
By Elena Parashko

64 How to Tell Your Story
By Gigi Rosenberg

70 Commissions 101
By Diana Moses Botkin

4 Editor’s Letter

5 Headlines & Details

10 Artist Spotlight: Toby Penney
By Jenny Andreasson

75 Art Resources

76 Calls to Artists

43 Planning Your Art Business: What Kind of Business Are You?
By Robert Reed

37 Coaching the Artist: Art and Stress, Part II
By Eric Maisel

59 Best Business Practice: Smithsonian Craft Show
By Jodi Walsh

63 Heart to Heart: Bricks and Stones
By Jack White

68 Photo Guy: Finding an Art Photographer
By Steve Meltzer

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