May 2011 (print)


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This month’s issue presents the myriad of exhibition possibilities available to artists outside of the traditional commercial galleries. These alternative spaces” include retail establishments, nonprofit spaces, artist cooperatives and residential galleries.

Alley No. 100, Ghost Story (2007, Kansas City, MO, 1:30am)
By Xavier Nuez
Photograph. (See page 26.)

06 Sensitivity
by Elena Parashko

07 Sending E-vites to Your Contact List
by Jodi Walsh

08 The Search for Meaning: Inner Motivation
by Matthew Daub

11 Showing Your Art in Alternative Spaces
by Diana Moses Botkin

14 Submitting Exhibition Proposals to National Nonprofit Galleries
by E. Brady Robinson

17 The Cooperative Gallery of the Future
by Carole Peter

20 Exhibiting in Someone’s Home: The Residence-as-Gallery Phenomenon
by Byron Kerman

22 Alternative Spaces in Manhattan
by Renée Phillips, The Artrepreneur Coach

26 The Midnight Playground of Xavier Nuez
by Louise Buyo

28 Photo Guy: A Quick Guide to Video: Part 2
by Steve Meltzer

30 Coaching the Artist Within: Regaining Your Confidence
By Eric Maisel, Ph.D.

31 Heart to Heart: Eureka!
By Jack White

05 From the Editor

32 The Listings: Compiled by the Professional Artist Team
Your best source for art opportunities. Find awards, galleries reviewing portfolios, grants, fellowships, juried shows, festivals, residencies, conferences and professional development courses.

40 Member: Eric A. Johnson
By Louise Buyo

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